Able Lives Incorporated - Episode 1

In the first episode of Able Lives: Incorporated we meet four people with disabilities in the workforce.
Segment one is about Michael Albert, a 25 year old man who works at Best Video in Hamden. Best video has over 50,000 titles in 300 categories and Michael takes on the mammoth task of organizing the videos. The store manager Richard Brown and coworker Chris "Leg" Lasala couldn't ask for a more dedicated and focused coworker. Michael's work ethic and personality have made him a key employee who has proved his worth. Segment two is a conversation between Bridgeport Mayoral Aide Ruben Felipe and his friend, show Producer Frank Borres. Ruben shares his perspective on life from his rebellious youth to his early attempts at finding work with a disability. He shares insight on his position with Mayor Fabrizi, and his future job options now that the Mayor will not take a second term. Segment Three features Michael Corbo, a hardworking garbage man for the city of Waterbury who also had a growing landscaping business of his own. An accident changed the course of his life he had to learn to live with a disability, but thanks to the forsight of his coworkers he did not have to learn to live on disability insurance. He stayed on as a Supervisor and now attends college at UConn, something he says he would never have been interested in before his accident. Segment Four takes a look at the corporate world. IPC, a multinationalcorporation with offices in Fairfield, needed to fill a position and Jerry Koret was simply the right man for the job; disability or not. According to Lois Leibowitz, President of Public Relations for IPC, the company simply looks for the best candidate regardless of their differences.