Able Lives Incorporated - Episode 2

In the second episode of Able Lives: Incorporated, we meet four people with disabilities in the workforce.

First we meet Joe Stramondo a young man with a natural talent for words, a mind for philosophy, and an infectious laugh. In his position as a Career Councillor at Trinity College he helps students to find their purpose and goals. His dream is to teach philosophy so he is
leaving his position to pursue a PhD. His coworkers say he is irreplaceable. Next we visit the Department of Children and Family Services where the warm and personable voice of Brad Barrows greets us. He takes his job answering phones seriously and even memorized over 200 numbers so that he can react quickly in an emergency. He tells us that he has always wanted to contribute to society through his work, and in addition he gives blood as often as medically possible and even gave a kidney to a stranger. Segment three is a story of passion. Cinda had a close bond with animals as a child because they communicate with love and affection, not words. She saw the environment was being eroded and the harmful effects this had on her "furry faced" friends. This led her to a career at the Department of Environmental Protection where she monitors air pollution for all of the residents of Connecticut. In the final segment, we meet Lee Nosal City Treasurer in Milford, CT. Over 200 million dollars are in Lee's hands and she has the skill and experience to manage that money properly. Born in Italy, Lee immigrated to the United States where she saw more opportunity to have a career. She tells us she never let her disability get in the way. These four people show us that hiring people with disabilities doesn't ever have to mean compromise for an employer. They bring skill, determination, talent and a strong work ethic to their jobs, and in every case the employer benefits.